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How did Cuomo make $783,000 on memoir that sold 3,200 copies?

20 April 2017

From The Buffalo News:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo reported his income last year more than doubled from the previous year, thanks to another round of royalty payments on a 2014 HarperCollins memoir that saw lackluster sales.

In all, Cuomo has made $783,000 from HarperCollins for his book. The book sold 3,200 copies since it was published in the fall of 2014, according to tracking company NPD BookScan.

That works out to royalty payments to Cuomo of $245 per book.

“All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and Life’’ had an original list price of $29.99. New copies of the hardcover book were being sold Monday on Amazon for $13.05.

. . . .

Cuomo previously reported – for tax years 2013 and 2014 – approximately $565,000 in income from his memoir deal with the Manhattan-based publisher.

In 2015, he reported no income from the book.

In his 2016 tax filings made public Monday, the book royalty income was listed at $218,100.

. . . .

The Wall Street Journal, which like HarperCollins is owned by News Corp., in 2014 – under the headline “Betting Big on Cuomo’s Memoir” – first reported that the publisher was having an initial print run of 200,000 copies of the Cuomo book.

Link to the rest at The Buffalo News and thanks to Karl for the tip.

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16 Comments to “How did Cuomo make $783,000 on memoir that sold 3,200 copies?”

  1. Now why can’t non governors get that kind of whale math(TM) on their royalties? 😛

    Little things like this are why trad-pub is afraid of having to open their books for any reason, too many of their ‘deals’ would have them behind bars.

  2. Guess that’s what you get when you’re a celebrity.

  3. It might make some vague sense if the $565,000 was an advance and the $218,000 was royalties, paid late. Of course, that implies that the book earned out, and it’s still a lot of bucks, and… oh, forget it.

  4. Poor guy.

    Hilary Clinton got $16 million.

  5. His huge advance was a publicity stunt for the publisher; his contract probably did not have a reserve against returns clause, or any of the other ways publishers don’t pay the author unless the book sells well.

    Celebrities are different from you and me, even in math.

  6. Kickbacks for services rendered. I can’t say what services, but you know there was something given in exchange for money he doesn’t have to account for to the elections people.

  7. The whole family is corrupt. Recently, a father was concerned about his 12 year old daughter having to share a locker room with an adult male semitransgender. Chris Cuomo said basically that if this child didn’t want to see an adult penis there was something wrong with her or her father.

  8. Boy, someone made a boo boo…

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