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J.K. Rowling: How to Deal with Failure

9 April 2017

From Medium:

Before the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling was clinically depressed.

In the early 1990s, she returned to the U.K. to settle down in Scotland near her sister. A three-year stint in Portugal had led to a short, unhappy marriage, and she left the country as a single mother of a newborn child.

Rowling spent the next few years struggling to meet ends.

“I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless,” she said in her commencement speech at Harvard.

During this period, her depression took a dark turn, and she considered herself a failure. She had fallen and felt stuck. She even contemplated suicide.

Luckily, she found it in her to seek help, and writing became an outlet.

. . . .

Rowling finished the first two books while still on welfare benefits. The dementors introduced in the third book were inspired by her mental illness.

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8 Comments to “J.K. Rowling: How to Deal with Failure”

  1. This was a good thing to see today. Thanks, PG.

  2. I watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” last night. It didn’t capture me like Harry Potter did, but then again nothing will because I read Harry Potter when it came out (I was 8, so perfect age).

    Nifty, enjoyable film. Rowling has brought so much joy to the world. I honestly would love to give her a hug.

  3. She’s always said “Rock Bottom was the foundation I built my career on.”

  4. Back when my marriage was truly and finally falling apart, I used to listen to a song by The Judds. One line in it was especially helpful to me: when you hit rock bottom you’ve got two ways to go, straight up, or sideways. I chose to go up. Rowling did too. That’s how you overcome and succeed, no matter how far down you go, or how many times it happens.

    Another good line: fall down seven times, get up eight.

    I probably should have both of these tattooed on me somewhere.

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