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10 Time-Saving Gmail Tricks

18 May 2017

7 Comments to “10 Time-Saving Gmail Tricks”

  1. what an annoying video.

  2. Agree with Nate on the annoyance. 😉

    And several of these suggestions are why you will start receiving ‘WTH-WTF’ replies from people when some of her shortcuts cause you to send ‘not quite the right thing’ to that particular person.

    Oh, and tip 11? close it when you don’t need to be looking at it.

  3. I’ve used gmail since it was in beta. I’ve never understood how people get “thousands” of emails. Is that per day? Are they some high-ranking manager who for some reason uses gmail instead of a company email account? Are they subscribed to *all* the newsletters? Or do they just not check their email more than once every few months?

    Or maybe I’m just not successful enough to have this problem yet. Still, if it does require a certain level of notoriety, even within one’s industry, it still doesn’t seem like a problem a huge number of people should have.

    • I get hundreds of emails each day.

      I have six filters and labels to keep everything organized.

    • Me mum gets hundreds per week, an @msn account that she gives to any that have asked over the decades.

      I made several accounts (hotmail mostly because gmail wants cell and too much other data) and use each as a separate entity. There’s my word (dayjob) account, two ‘I’m a writer’ acounts, a writers’ groups account, a friends/family account, and of course two ‘junk’ accounts (started before the big players offered temp accounts).

      One reason for this is that if any one account gets compromised it only affects those in that group and not every single people I know.

      If I don’t know you and/or your website asks/demands a working email address you will get a junk one. In a few months if you haven’t been sending me spam and turn out to be useful (or a friend) then I’ll give you one of the emails I check daily instead of weekly. (only steady ‘junk’ hitting one of my main accounts is from LinkedIn. 😉 )

  4. I watched dutifully, went to Mail on my Mac, and discovered I didn’t need any of that. Does she mean using gmail online?

    My brain hadn’t had its caffeine dose for the morning yet.

  5. that video inspired me to craft my own list of a dozen hacks:

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