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Amazon Looking To Deal Directly With Publishers

30 May 2017

From Forbes:

Amazon Japan notified publishers earlier this month that it would be partially ending its relationship with a major distributor. The distributor, Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc., had been supplying the company with large orders of bestsellers–a strategy that has worked in the industry for decades, before online retailers dominated the market and bookstore logistics dictated distribution strategy.

The announcement comes with a request that publishers make deals directly with Amazon , allowing the company to quickly sell a variety of quantities of books across the long tail to online customers.

Link to the rest at Forbes

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4 Comments to “Amazon Looking To Deal Directly With Publishers”

  1. No! Amazon is killing off another middleman! Bad Amazon.

    Oh, more money to the maker and more savings for the buyer you say? Good Amazon.

    • With warehouse and shipping channels, Amazon is as much distributor as retailer. This was inevitable as having two distributors in a single chain is a bit silly.

  2. Felix J. Torres

    It sounds like the distributor wasn’t supplying a deep enough backlist catalog.

    • Or was unwilling to deal in smaller order sizes for titles. That was a problem in North America in the 90s.

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