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Apple Is Manufacturing a Siri Speaker to Outdo Google and Amazon

31 May 2017

From Bloomberg:

 Apple Inc. is already in your pocket, on your desk and underneath your television. Soon, a device embossed with “Designed by Apple in California” may be on your nightstand or kitchen counter as well.

The iPhone-maker has started manufacturing a long-in-the-works Siri-controlled smart speaker, according to people familiar with the matter. Apple could debut the speaker as soon as its annual developer conference in June, but the device will not be ready to ship until later in the year, the people said.

The device will differ from Amazon.com Inc.’s Echo and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Homespeakers by offering virtual surround sound technology and deep integration with Apple’s product lineup, said the people, who requested anonymity to discuss products that aren’t yet public.

Introducing a speaker would serve two main purposes: providing a hub to automate appliances and lights via Apple’s HomeKit system, and establishing a bulwark inside the home to lock customers more tightly into Apple’s network of services. That would help combat the competitive threat from Google’s and Amazon’s connected speakers: the Home and Echo mostly don’t support services from Apple. Without compatible hardware, users may be more likely to opt for the Echo or Home, and therefore use streaming music offerings such as Spotify, Amazon Prime Music or Google Play rather than Apple Music.

Link to the rest at Bloomberg

PG says competition keeps competitors sharp and is great for consumers.

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8 Comments to “Apple Is Manufacturing a Siri Speaker to Outdo Google and Amazon”

  1. Siri is so terrible though. I will ask a question and invariably get “I don’t know.”
    I open safari on the iphone and use speech to text and ask same question and get several answers.
    Not sure why Siri doesn’t work better but it gives me very little hope for this product.

  2. Oh no, the ‘innovative’ company is playing catch-up yet again.

    Not needed in my place. I’ll key in what I’m asking, thanks, less wrong guessing and wrong answers that way.

    As bad as looking at some of those new cars that ‘need’ you to plug in the smart phone they were built around for them to do half the stuff.

  3. I agree that Siri has learning disabilities. She is stubborn, hooked on phonics and has major issues with pronouns and possessives. She can curse like a sailor without provocation. Still, she is the easiest way to dictate to email and documents, so I muddle through. Not sure how I feel about the speaker, but if it means Siri will become a much better listener, it’s all good.

  4. Locking in your customer is a great business strategy. Until they escape the Gulag, anyway…

  5. Patricia Sierra

    Can’t see how this will beat the new product Amazon is introducing on June 28th: the Echo Show. I have two on order, and am already using the talk & messaging feature on my Echos.

  6. But will it be less than $600 and can it tell jokes to my children?

  7. My Lumia 735 smartphone is Win-based. Had a flip for years and it worked fine for doing what I wanted it to do – send and receive phone calls.

    Broke down and bought the Lumia 18 months ago after seeing it at the Microsoft Store. Originally it ran Win 8.1, but about 6 months ago a Win 10 upgrade became available, which I decided to do.

    Win 10 comes with Cortana (like Siri and Alexa). Started using it a bit, then more and more and more. I love its listening option — much quicker and easier than typing on a phone keyboard. Very, very few problems with its understanding my talking in a normal voice and speed — don’t have to speak slowly and elucidate clearly — and it usually always seems to come up with what I’m asking for.

    Still discovering what its capabilities are. Just recently I found out it will make phone calls for me. Before, I was using it just to do google-type research and find map locations.

    These “virtual assistant” apps are the wave of the future, IMHO. I love that my Lumia 735 can do so much more with many apps than my old flip could.

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