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30 May 2017

From The Oxford English Dictionary:

revirescence, n.

. . . .

The action, quality, or fact of growing fresh or new again; return to a youthful or flourishing condition; an instance of this.

. . . .

1838 L. V. Vernon-Harcourt Doctr. Deluge i. 8 The Greeks expressed a strong opinion of the vitality and power of revirescence in the olive.

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2 Comments to “Revirescence”

  1. Now that is a word I can use. It sings!

    I have a process where characters are restored to youth, and that fits.


  2. Suburbanbanshee

    The motto of Clan McEwen is “Reviresco.” (Because we lost our lands, our strongholds, and our lairds… very careless….)

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