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Next to the defeated politician

30 June 2017

Next to the defeated politician, the writer is the most vocal and inventive griper on earth. He sees hardship and unfairness wherever he looks. His agent doesn’t love him (enough). The blank sheet of paper is an enemy. The publisher is a cheapskate. The critic is a philistine. The public doesn’t understand him. His wife doesn’t understand him. The bartender doesn’t understand him.

Peter Mayle


7 Comments to “Next to the defeated politician”

  1. My printer hates me.

    • It just wants more toner (and for you to stop using its paper as a coaster for your ice tea – damp paper annoys it! 😛 )

    • I think it’s built into printer software. Mine runs out of ink and the worst possible moment for any given project (and usually just before the store closes, so I have no way to get there fast enough to get more.) Somehow it knows.

      • I’m surprised, knowing this, that you don’t keep extra and alway make sure you buy more before you get to your last cartridge/refill pack.

        Don’t tempt the printer gods.

    • @Margaret LOL

  2. To be posted next to the monitor. Right next to the one about writers being the best procrastinators. As soon as other things stop happening and I have time to look it up…

  3. Not any of the writers I know. They’re too busy writing and having a career.

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