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A Wrinkle in Time

17 July 2017

13 Comments to “A Wrinkle in Time”

  1. Al the Great and Powerful

    Oprah, Reese, Mindy, Galifinakis, how good can it be if they have to tart it up with Names to sell it?

    The STORY is the thing, it already has resonance with all the people who’ve read it, it didn’t need name actors to tell this one.

    • Not all the people who’ve read it.

      (It was a dark and stormy night — feh!)

    • At the same time… those actors probably read and loved the story when they were kids and wanted to be part of it.
      I think it’s wonderful!

  2. Al the Great and Powerful

    You might not like it, but you remembered something about it. So why does it need Oprah? Are there no talented actresses out there who aren’t famous already? Bah. I’m just mad (again) that they stuck Ryan Gosling into the new Blade Runner movie, instead of a good but lesser known actor. So tired of seeing just known actors in every important role.

    • Felix J. Torres

      International movie revenues depend on the “Names”.

      Without the Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe names greasing the skids in China and elsewhere The Mummy (2017) would’ve been a total disaster. As is, it will probably end up barely in the black. Ditto for Transformers, XXX, Baywatch, and other recent duds.

      Your point is well taken, though. The way things are headed, a plethora of name actors, especially second-stringers (like Goslin) and fading stars are a red flag to keep in mind before springing for a movie outing. Those names cost money that isn’t going into production values.

      Best approach is, in case of doubt, wait for real-world word of mouth since the professional reviewers can’t be trusted any more.

      (Especially when it comes to vengeful studios, like Disney.)

  3. The only thing faster than light, is the darkness.

    – A Wrinkle in Time (trailer)

    “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.”

    – Terry Pratchett

    Yes! I can use that! Already started a story folder. HA!

    • It’s such a half-empty way to look at it.
      Even the deepest darkness is easily beaten by the smallest light. 😛

    • This is what I have so far.

      – “Engage Dark Drive.” – Captain
      “Aye, Sir.” – crew

      – A couple of guys sitting in a bar at a Star Port. They see a Captain walk in. One guy says to the other, “He’s been in the Dark too long.”

      – Word goes out that a ship has “Gone Dark”.

      – Then there is the classic phrase “The Circumference of Darkness”, which is so deeply scary. It’s along the circumference, that interface between light and darkness, that all the horrors slip in.

      As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

      – Albert Einstein

      • The “Circumference of Darkness” — thank you for that! I never saw that quote before, but I borrowed the concept to amp up the tension in a scene in my WIP, where a group of people are hunting a demon’s allies in a cave.

        I had said that the lights they carried never revealed more than the darkness hid. I like Einstein’s succinct name for this.

        It’s along the circumference, that interface between light and darkness, that all the horrors slip in.

        Will that become a tagline? Happy writing to you 🙂

        • You have captured the essence of the concept. People do not realize that the light makes things worse, not better. If you can have a soft glow, that does not blind you to what’s in the darkness, you can see what’s there, but the brighter the light that you shine makes it impossible to see what can be standing right in front of you.

          The more people who use it, the more power it has. Run with it. HA!

  4. I found the music used in this trailer really jarring. Anyone else?

  5. I wouldn’t mind Oprah if she could act.

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