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Curtis Brown buys Ed Victor Ltd

3 July 2017

From The Bookseller:

Curtis Brown has bought Ed Victor Ltd, following the passing of agent Ed Victor, aged 78, last month.

The shareholders of Ed Victor Ltd agreed terms to move their business to Curtis Brown and all rights will be handled by Curtis Brown from now on. Ed Victor Ltd’s client list includes former prime minister David Cameron, Andrew Marr, Nigella Lawson and Sophie Dahl, among others.

According to Ed Victor’s widow Carol Victor, the sale of the agency to Curtis Brown was Victor’s wish in such an eventuality. Victor was represented by Curtis Brown’s Jonathan Lloyd when he published The Obvious Diet with Vermilion in 2013, as Lloyd recently recalled in an obituary for The Bookseller.

Carol Victor said: “We are very pleased that Curtis Brown will assume the care of our distinguished clients and continue the work of servicing their back lists and looking after their future interests. I discussed this eventuality with Ed and it was his advice to turn to Curtis Brown, the oldest and most highly respected of agencies and the one he had chosen for himself, when he wrote his own book.”

Link to the rest at The Bookseller

In case you wondered what happens when your agent dies.


3 Comments to “Curtis Brown buys Ed Victor Ltd”

  1. In case you wondered what happens when your agent dies.

    If you are “lucky.” 😉 If you are unlucky, a clueless and venial nephew inherits the agency, embezzles all the royalties, and ignores any correspondence from foreign language publishers or filmmakers seeking to purchase rights.

    • Just what I was thinking. At least the files are going to another agent.

      I do have a question though. Why did an agent need an agent to represent his book?

  2. Golly, I got such a warm, cozy, fuzzy feeling reading this. So touching, so heartwarming, so moving. 🙂

    Then I read J.M.’s comment…

    ‘Scuse me, gotta go cry some now. 🙁

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