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Book Your Case

12 August 2017

From Etsy:

Your device is inside the book. Any device. Any book.

. . . .

For your iPad:



or your Macbook:



or your Dell laptop:



Link to the rest at at Etsy and thanks to Sue for the tip.

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9 Comments to “Book Your Case”

  1. Oh these are cool. I like to put Gelaskins on my laptop lids, but these cases look great for just carrying them around.

  2. Al the Great and Powerful

    Not sure I want one of these for my 17-inch laptop…

  3. But, but…

    If I were to ever put it down, encased, anywhere in our heavily bebooked household, I’d never find it again.

  4. Oooooh! *flees before she spends money she doesn’t have*

  5. Do they have one for Fifty Shades?

  6. Thanks for link PG. I’m buying one today!

  7. In Roger Zelazny’s “Roadmarks” there were two devices which presented as ordinary hardback books, but contained sophisticated artificial intelligences.

    We’re getting closer…

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