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Expressions, Impressions

22 August 2017

From No Shelf Required:

Just as authored, edited, and mass produced books comprise only one segment of the to-be-read universe, audiobooks are not alone in what we can read by ear. We’ve long tuned into broadcast events—live sports, journalists’ reports, opinions and performances—and we negotiate our daily public lives as much by attending to ambient aural messages as to signs and written directions.

With digital preservation and dissemination broadening its capacious notice of aural resources, there is a growing wealth of sound archives that carry “reader” content. The Quietus offers a fine point of entry into this world of expressive sounds. Earlier this month, the site launched an interactive archives of contemporary Protest Sound.

. . . .

In addition to political breaking news events, all manner of archived spoken discourse makes for heady listening: recorded poetry, oral histories, endangered indigenous languages, witness accounts, and comedy performances are among the possibilities. Pair, from the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress, Voices from the Dust Bowl with Karen Hesse’s novel in verse Out of the Dust, read by Marika Mashburn for Listening Library (2008).

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  1. Awesome! Thank you! I’m doing research for a novel that takes place during the dust bowl and this is a great resource. Of course, later I’ll probably be cursing you PG as I lose hours going down this rabbit hole… (^_^)

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