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PBS to Unveil America’s Favorite Books in New TV Series

5 August 2017

From Publishers Weekly:

The Great American Read, an ambitious eight-episode documentary series that PBS has just announced, will explore the place of reading in American culture. The show, which is set to start airing in the summer of 2018, will kickoff with a two-hour program that will reveal a list of America’s 100 best-loved books.

The inaugural episode of the series, set for May 2018, will feature the list of 100 best-loved books, chosen by the public and by a panel of literary experts. The final program in the fall will unveil a Top Ten list of America’s best-loved books, culminating in the first-ever nation-wide vote to reveal America’s single best-loved book of all.

. . . .

Voting by the public on the list of best-loved books will take place throughout the summer of 2018. The show will air thematic episodes ranging from “Being American,” and “Heroes,” to “Growing Up.” It will also feature interviews with celebrities and ordinary Americans about their passion for books and the role of reading in their lives.

Link to the rest at Publishers Weekly

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9 Comments to “PBS to Unveil America’s Favorite Books in New TV Series”

  1. Yeah, and just how many genre books will make their list, I wonder?

  2. *I* was not consulted.

  3. Panel of literary experts.

    I wonder if Huckleberry Finn or the Bible will make the list?

  4. TV shows about books are usually deadly dull. This looks to be no exception.

  5. npr has always been in tandem with big publishers, reviewing their books on myriad radio stations across the nation, with one particularly harsh grating voiced female ‘reviewer’ who has a horrible voice no matter how compelling the book might be.
    BBC, the same as per reviews mostly from known pub houses

    PBS has several ways of bringing series to their stations; in house production, and production done out of house by others and then ‘sold’ to pbs.

    Re books and upselling pbs, it is rumored that Hay house publisher did their own finance for pbs re various repeating authors, then sold to pbs, accounting for wayne dwyer author [s], being a ‘staple’ on pbs even now after he is deceased. Pbs is offered finished film [not commenting on content] for low or no price –this is one way to be run on pbs. Pbs’s way, we hear, is then to sell the authors’ books on air and take a cut of that also.

    For this thing on books which I would think would be hard to make compelling without animation/ strange facts, interviews with weird people– Look to who the sponsors are, the producers, the money people. you may find BPH in the bushes.

    Always with npr, pbs, look to the money skim of product and look to who finances the often low pay/no pay docus out of house, making them/marketing their style to pub radio and pub tv ‘sensibilities’… which is narrow but plays to their often quite aging market

    • I wish this didn’t sound so accurate.

    • PBS stations, including KCET in Los Angeles, run videos featuring Wayne Dyer or dubious health care gurus like Gary Null when they are in fund raising mode; clearly these are paid infomercials. PBS needs oney and the publishers or the people like Null who appear know that they can pay for play.

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