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Amazon Announces All-New Kindle App

24 October 2017

From the Amazon Press Room:

Today, Amazon announced an all-new Kindle app that makes it easier than ever to turn your phone or tablet into a book—so you can read anytime, anywhere. The Kindle app is designed for book lovers and provides easy access to the most popular Kindle features—you can effortlessly move between the pages of your book, your library, your personalized bookstore and more. Also, with the Goodreads community built into Kindle for iOS, you can easily discover and discuss books with friends. The all-new Kindle app is available now in the App Store and Google Play, and will be delivered as part of a free, over-the-air update starting this week.

. . . .

With the new Kindle app, it is easier to get to what you want. Whether it’s starting the next chapter in the book you’re reading or a quick search through your library, the all-new design makes switching back and forth seamless. Key updates include:

  • All-New Look—The Kindle app features a new look and feel inspired by books. Details include larger book covers, new fonts, a new app icon, and new light and dark background themes to choose from.
  • One-Tap Access—New bottom bar navigation automatically shows an icon of the book you’re currently reading, making it easier than ever to get back to reading at any moment. The bottom bar also provides quick access to Kindle’s most popular features allowing you to switch between the pages of your book, your library, your personal bookstore, and more.
  • Easy Search—The search bar is now always available throughout the app, so whether a book is in your library or among the millions of titles in the Kindle Store, it’s easier than ever to find it.

Discover and Discuss Books with Friends and the Goodreads Community on Kindle for iOS

The new Kindle for iOS app also helps customers discuss and get book recommendations from their friends, authors, and other readers with the Goodreads community now built right into the app. Goodreads, an Amazon subsidiary, is the world’s largest community of readers, with more than 65 million members.

Link to the rest at Amazon Press Room

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6 Comments to “Amazon Announces All-New Kindle App”

  1. The #1 thing they could do to make me happy would be to improve the Kindle app’s battery consumption. By “improve” I mean “reduce dramatically.” On iOS devices, the Kindle and Audible apps are essentially the two biggest battery hogs of any of the apps I regularly use.

    • Yup. I quit using my phone to read unless it’s absolutely needed. My Paperwhite LIVES with me now. Everywhere I go.

      • I went the desperate measure of stripping DRM from my Kindle books and loading them into Aldiko. The Kindle App was a resource hog and would stop my phone cold. Newer phone now, but I’m used to Aldiko and like it, so I keep doing it that way. It has worked out for me anyway, because my e-ink is a Nook and I decided to load all my Kindle books there too instead of buying an e-ink Kindle.

  2. This will coincide with KU 4.0, in which authors pay to have people read their books, page by page. 😀 It is advertising, right? We’re always advertising our next book…

  3. It looks nice. Clean, modern display, and downloads faster, and more reliably than the previous version.

  4. Let’s hope it also counts page reads correctly…

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