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Amazon considering physical stores in France

3 October 2017

From CNBC:

Online giant Amazon is on the prowl for approximately 15 store locations in France, especially in Paris, in the next two years, according to the newspaper Le Monde.

The French publication also said that the U.S. company has “approached French distributors to forge partnerships or make an acquisition in France.” The overall goal in mind for Amazon is “to get closer to a retailer to take advantage of its buying capacity that they do not have at the moment,” Le Monde said.

. . . .

According to the report, one of those approached was major French retail chain Monoprix, whose parent company is Groupe Casino. But it indicated that Casino said it “does not intend to sell Monoprix.”

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Similarly, the French paper said Amazon is looking for partnerships in Britain and already approached the Morrisons grocery chain.

Link to the rest at CNBC

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5 Comments to “Amazon considering physical stores in France”

  1. This has to scare/worry certain parties because for Amazon to do it Amazon thinks they see a way to work within their current rules/laws and still come out ahead.

    And changing rules/laws to try to keep Amazon out is bound to hurt those other parties even more.

    Time to pop some corn. 😉

    • I read your post after I posted (below). I see we’re both wondering what Jeff has figured out.

  2. What does Jeff know about B&M retail that failing businesses don’t?

    I was on the Bed, Bath & Beyond site last night and was greeted with a pop up that showed BB&B is taking pre-orders for the new Echo line.

  3. One thing that Amazon knows much better than B&M retail is the limitations of online commerce. For example, Amazon probably knows better than anyone that some products don’t sell as well online as others, some transactions can be executed more effectively f2f. It appears that Amazon is experimenting with ways to combine digital and physical stores optimally. B&M may be experiencing the limitations of B&M in competing with Amazon, but they are probably in the dark about what they can’t do well with digital.

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