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Another Thing Amazon Is Disrupting: Business-School Recruiting

6 October 2017

From The Wall Street Journal:

Amazon.com Inc., disrupter of industries from book selling to grocery shopping, has found its latest sector to upend—recruiting at the nation’s elite business schools.

The Seattle-based retail giant is now the top recruiter at the business schools of Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University and University of California, Berkeley. It is the biggest internship destination for first-year M.B.A.s at the University of Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dartmouth College and Duke. Amazon took in more interns from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business than either Bain & Co. or McKinsey & Co., which were until recently among the school’s top hirers of interns, according to Madhav Rajan, Booth’s dean.

All told, Amazon has hired some 1,000 M.B.A.s in the past year, according to Miriam Park, Amazon’s director of university programs—a drop in the bucket for a company that plans to add 50,000 office workers, mainly software developers, in the coming years. But Amazon’s flood-the-zone approach to recruiting and hiring future M.B.A.s—in some cases before they have taken a single business-school course—is feeding the career frenzy on campus and rankling some rival recruiters.

The talent wars begin even before classes do. This past June, Amazon sponsored an event at its Seattle headquarters for 650 soon-to-be first-year and returning women M.B.A. students, some of whom left the event with internship offers for summer 2018.

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2 Comments to “Another Thing Amazon Is Disrupting: Business-School Recruiting”

  1. “… 650 soon-to-be first-year and returning women M.B.A. students …”

    So they have little to nothing to unlearn? This is truly scary stuff! Imagine more MBAs thinking and making business plans like that Jeff guy does – the mind boggles.

  2. Naughty Amazon! Naughty! Mustn’t do ‘disrupts-es’ on the carpet! 😀

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