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As One B&N Store Closes, Another is Granted a Reprieve

31 October 2017

From The Digital Reader

Barnes & Noble has said that stores are their future, but the retailer is still closing locations.

This includes the B&N store in Detroit, which is scheduled to close early next year.

. . . .

The B&N store in Hawaii is more fortunate; The Maui  Times reports that this location, which is one of only a handful of bookstores on the island, was granted a last minute stay of execution:

Barnes & Noble in the Lahaina Gateway Center will not be closing at the end of the year as had been planned, reported the store’s manager Cindy Mauricio on Wednesday.

“We are not foreseen to close. We are back in business,” said Mauricio, who was overjoyed after just hearing the news from her district manager late Wednesday afternoon.

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3 Comments to “As One B&N Store Closes, Another is Granted a Reprieve”

  1. I heard the same thing from Radio Shack employees, they had been told theirs was to be one of the stores staying open in the downsizing, then they were gone. A management trick to keep the crew from fleeing the sinking ship until they were under the waterline.

    Unless perhaps B&N signed a new contract to rent the property?

  2. As I noted in Nate’s comments, the two parties involved – B&N and the landlord – disagree on who said what regarding the lease and the (now forstalled) closing. It’s weird, is what it is.

  3. Just Another Curmudgeon

    Borders kept stores in Hawaii open very late into the sell-off because they were great places to dump inventory. Just like Radio Shack kept the store by my house open selling inventory from closed stores until that all got sold.

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