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Disabling autoplaying videos in Chrome goes viral

5 October 2017

From Chris Meadows via TeleRead:

As many newspapers have discovered to their chagrin, the Internet is one of the best ways to read the news these days—but there are still certain hazards inherent to the experience. In particular, there’s the matter of autoplaying video, which every TV station local news department seems to believe is the best way to enhance its stories when it posts them to the web. Who hasn’t had the experience of browsing the web while in class or at work and suddenly fumbling frantically for the mute button as some reporter’s voice blares out through the speakers?

It puzzles me that so many sites seem to think that annoying people is the best way to endear themselves to their audience, but even I hadn’t realized just how annoying people find it. When a friend mentioned that version 61 of the Chrome web browser offered a way to disable autoplaying videos, I thought it seemed like the sort of thing people might want to know about, so I posted it to my Twitter feed:

What I hadn’t expected was that simple tweet was going to go viral like nothing I’ve ever posted before in my entire life. 200 replies, over 6,000 retweets, nearly 13,000 likes, over 740,000 impressions so far—and who knows how many it will have by the time you’re reading this article?

Link to the rest at TeleRead

PG just made the switch and is looking forward to a less aggravating internet experience in the future.

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13 Comments to “Disabling autoplaying videos in Chrome goes viral”

  1. Just tried out Chrome and do not like it at all. Too bad, because I’d love to disable auto-play. I deleted it.

  2. Hopefully Firefox will follow, though running Firefox with NoScript helps.

    • I use SeaMonkey, which is FireFox-ish. No Scripts didn’t work well for me. Scripts would try and try and try to run, making the page unusable. Then I’d get the stop script or continue pop-up, but the stop script button didn’t stop and the continue button just went back to trying to load scripts.

    • If you click through to the original article, there are instructions for Firefox there as well.

    • For Firefox:


      See the “helpful comment at the bottom of the link. WOrks well for me.

      • Going to try this. Autoplay makes me crazy. Okay, crazier. When you have slow Internet, it makes things take forever to load, and then half the time whatever video some genius though I just had to see won’t work anyway. grrrrrrrr

  3. I wonder if this will also disable auto-play music on certain Tumblr sites.

  4. Desmond X. Torres

    Whoa! Thank you! Works great! FYI- it’s not a link (I thought it was). You have to copy the link and paste it into Chrome addy bar; it brings you to the setting you have to adjust.

    Took someone I know..cough, cough… THREE attempts b4 he figgered it out.

  5. Thank you for the info. It works.
    Now to spread the word to everyone I know who complains about the automatic starts. 🙂

  6. Done … and done! 😀

  7. It works! Much appreciated!

  8. I used it myself. However, I had to substitute the “http://” with “chrome” and it worked just fine.

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