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Hachette to Honor Weinstein Books Contracts

10 October 2017

From Publishers Weekly:

Following a New York Times report exposing decades of sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and his subsequent removal by the board of the company he co-founded, Hachette Book Group has addressed the future of writers signed to his book publishing imprint, Weinstein Books.

“Hachette Book Group will honor its contracts with writers who have come to us via Weinstein Books,” a spokesperson for the company told PW. “We will consider all of our options going forward, keeping support for our authors foremost.”

. . . .

Weinstein Books is a joint venture with The Weinstein Company, but its author contracts are with HBG, not Weinstein. Its authors include Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, who recently wrote on Twitter that she has “a three-book deal with Weinstein Books, through Hachette. I can’t go forward with those books unless Harvey resigns.”

Link to the rest at Publishers Weekly

The OP doesn’t provide the dollar total for the advances Hachette has paid to Weinstein. PG opines that any number of Hachette executives can’t forget that number. But, of course, supporting authors is always the most important priority.

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9 Comments to “Hachette to Honor Weinstein Books Contracts”

  1. “Hachette to Honor Weinstein Books Contracts”

    All the better for Hachette to maintain control of those contracts. Heaven forbid the writers use the Weinstein Books problems as a means of getting their rights back.

  2. “Hachette Book Group will honor its contracts with writers who have come to us via Weinstein Books,”

    Is there some reason to think Hachette wouldn’t honor its contracts?

    • Perhaps the fact that the industry constantly dishonors contracts with writers that the Left decides to target?

      Of course, they have an out here – the contracts are between Hachette and the writers, not through Weinstein. So those writers have a safe harbor. (So long, of course, as they are quick to say that they are “shocked… shocked, I tell you, to find sexual assault happening in Harvey’s fine establishment.”)

  3. they are going to change the name of the imprint for books in the pipeline and as new editions come up of older books. Weinstein’s name will be wiped.

  4. All the big names in Hollywood and New York knew, for decades, that Weinstein was a creep and a monster. The only reason they’re doing anything about it now is because the rest of us found out.

  5. He’s been outed before, and nobody seemed much interested.

    The question is, why did his friends and associates turn on him *this* time, and not any of the others?

    • My guess is the proof. The journalist who broke the story (Mia Farrow’s son) found multiple witnesses willing to come forward and tell their story. Ronan Farrow uncovered documentation of the lawsuits settled with women that Weinstein had sexually harassed. Farrow also got access to the recordings the NYPD had of a sting operation they ran on Weinstein two years ago where he admitted to the behavior. (The DA decided not to prosecute at the time.) No one can stick their head in the sand because Weinstein’s confessing to it on tape.

      I’m interested in seeing how wide this goes and how many other producers/directors are caught up in the net. If my favorite gossip columnist is to be believed, there are many men in Hollywood hiring top notch lawyers right now in an attempt to avoid the lawsuits.

      • One of my favorite YouTube shows (Honest Trailers) is caught up in this right now with one of their main guys, apparently as a direct result of the Weinstein fiasco.

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