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Amazon’s Kindle turns 10: have ebooks clicked with you yet?

13 November 2017

From The Guardian:

George W Bush was in the White House, Chris Brown was topping the Billboard chart and Jeff Bezos … well, on 19 November 2007, Jeff Bezos was doing “the most important thing we’ve ever done” and launching the Amazon Kindle.

The first Kindles were chunky things about the same size as a paperback, weighing a smidgeon less than 300g. They had wonky little keyboards and a little wheel for scrolling up and down a grey and black screen. But Bezos was never aiming for a flashy design. Speaking at the launch in New York, he said that all he wanted was a device that could “disappear”.

“All of us readers know that flow state when we read,” Bezos explained. “We don’t think about the glue, the paper, the stitching – all of that goes away. All that remains is the author’s world, and we flow right into that.”

. . . .

“Instead of shopping on your PC,” Bezos explained, “you shop on the device … And guess what? [Books] are all $9.99. And guess what? They all get delivered wirelessly in less than minute.”

. . . .

But the Kindle was never only a portable bookshop, it was also a publishing house. Strip away the expensive business of jackets, paper and physical distribution, and the words of a Booker winner or a Nobel laureate appear much like those of anyone else.

Link to the rest at The Guardian

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4 Comments to “Amazon’s Kindle turns 10: have ebooks clicked with you yet?”

  1. They ‘clicked’ with me before they were called ‘ebooks’ or there was a kindle ….

  2. I was sold on the Kindle before it even came out. 200 books in my pocket? Yes please!. It still tricks my brain all these years later while I’m reading and occasionally flip the device over because I forgot I don’t have to turn the page.

  3. Amazon’s Kindle turns 10: have ebooks clicked with you yet?

    Why, yes — yes, they have. Thank you for asking.

  4. ebooks, yes… Amazon, no. Like Anonymous, I was reading ‘ebooks’ before the kindle came along, on my trusty little Palm TX.

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