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Barnes & Noble Wants to Clear ‘Tchotchke’ Clutter, Sell More Books

From The Wall Street Journal:

Barnes & Noble is on a mission to declutter its stores of gifts and games and make room for what it sees as its next big moneymaker—books.

“There’s too much stuff in the stores,” said Barnes & Noble Inc. Chief Executive Demos Parneros, in an interview after the company’s earnings call. “We’re drawing a line in the sand and reducing the assortment of gift items and what I’d call tchotchkes. For example, we love journals. But we have way too many. We’re refocusing on books.”

. . . .

Mr. Parneros described the decision to refocus on books as a “definite shift in strategy” prompted by what he said were disappointing sales results over the past 10 quarters. Barnes & Noble entered the educational toys and games sector aggressively in 2010, when digital books were growing fast, and later broadened its gift selection.

That gift merchandise will remain, said Mr. Parneros, but there will be less of it, partly in response to customers who said they wanted to see more books.

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