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Bookstores Challenge Publishers

10 November 2017

From Shelf Awareness:

At the October meeting of the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association board of directors, the board adopted two position statements regarding “the rise of two issues at publishers and the effect these are having on our members’ stores.”

. . . .

“First, we have seen too many deals and specials made by publishers directly to consumers, and some publishers who consistently discount their own books for direct sales. If publishers do not honor their own listed publisher price, it has far-reaching consequences for our industry.”

. . . .

“Second, the NAIBA Board remains very concerned about the increasing incidents of publishers circumventing independent bookstores and offering single title special sales directly to community groups at rates that bookstores cannot be expected to match. This goes to the heart of our stores’ financial viability and erodes our standing in our communities.”

Link to the rest at Shelf Awareness


4 Comments to “Bookstores Challenge Publishers”

  1. Is that a bit of rent-seeking blowing in the wind?

  2. It seems to me if publishers are trying to prop up (or extend the life) of print sales in B&M shops, then this would be a phenomenally stupid thing to do to the indie shops that are likely to survive.

  3. Volume discounts are legal and logical, but suppliers who give them don’t turn around and publicly celebrate the existence of small retailers who do not qualify. Doing so is hypocritical.

  4. Interesting to consider that, if true, this wouldn’t be the first time the publishers have cut sweetheart deals to cut out independent booksellers. Though the last time they tried it, it was a deal with big chain bookstores, rather than consumers.

    Poor indie bookstores, just can’t catch a break, can they? Not big enough to have an impact singly like the big chains, not numerous enough to have an impact en masse like consumers. Just stuck somewhere out there in the middle.

    (Also, “I’m Patman.”)

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