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26 November 2017

PG has been visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a couple of delightful female descendants of PG and Mrs. PG. The first image is a granddaughter.



The granddaughter in the following photo never walks when running is possible and produces extraordinarily loud sounds when any of her older brothers infringe upon what she considers her domain. Her motto might be Maximum Speed/Maximum Volume.


7 Comments to “Posterity”

  1. Cute, PG. They are adorable. I bet they made Thanksgiving fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have to borrow other people’s grandchildren, as my kids haven’t produced any yet. Yours are cute. Enjoy.

  3. “Maximum Speed/Maximum Volume.”

    That’s the default mode of all toddlers.

  4. I like visiting family, seeing all the little kids and teens running around spreading chaos, then going home to silence.

  5. Aside from your beautiful subjects, your photography skills are superb. Thanks for sharing this bit of yourself.

  6. They’re both darling!

    I’m another who must borrow grandchildren. Thank you for sharing yours!

  7. Thanks for the kind words. My grandchildren have Mrs. PG to thank for their cuteness.

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