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Updates and Improvements

21 November 2017

PG hopes no one is worrying due to the lack of postings for the last couple of days. All is well.

An unanticipated break in access to the Internet should be remedied in full tomorrow – Wednesday – and posts will appear as quickly as usual considering the Thanksgiving holiday.


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11 Comments to “Updates and Improvements”

  1. Glad you’re OK, PG! Enjoy the holidays.

  2. Glad to hear from you. Looking forward to the updates. Have a great holiday!

  3. Oh, thank you for the update! I was worrying; quite a lot as more time passed. I’m so glad to learn you and yours are all right.

  4. What they said. Glad it was just a technical glitch and nothing serious, like a casserole disaster or being caught in a turkey drop. [WKRP Thanksgiving Special]

  5. You gave us quite a scare

    • Truly. I had a coworker who hadn’t shown up to work one Tuesday, and his friends observed he hadn’t been on Twitter “since Sunday.” They joked he must be dead. And … they were right.

      Glad it was just a glitch this time. Although, I really do like the idea of PG and Mrs. PG gallivanting about on a fabulous adventure somewhere 🙂

  6. Glad this was nothing more the technical issues. Hope you, Mrs. PG, and the PG clan have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. I was beginning to get worried, but hoped you just had too many family obligations.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mrs. PG, and all your readers!

  8. Phew! Was starting to worry about my daily read. 😀 Welcome back!

  9. Thanks to all for the good wishes and apologies for any concerns I caused.

  10. I had started to take alarm, and I’m thrilled that you’re fine! 😀

    Although… a break in Internet access lasting several days is still a kind of crisis! 😮

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