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Amazon Digital Day

29 December 2017

Today is Amazon’s last big, broad blast of sale items for the 2017 Holiday Season, Amazon Digital Day.

PG says there are a million deals, some more “dealy” than others, raising the question, “If there is a deal for something you would never purchase, is it really a deal?”

Kindle Bestsellers will likely include some books you might well purchase, so it may be a true deal.

On the other hand, Toca Boca bestsellers may not be a true deal.

Unless it is.

For you.

Or for another carbon-based life form you know.

As the old saying goes, “One carbon-based life form’s meat is another CBLF’s Toca Boca.”



9 Comments to “Amazon Digital Day”

  1. I took a risk and clicked on your link but ended up no wiser at all as to what the hell Toca Boca is. I doubt that I really need to know.

    Of late it seems that the only e-books in the sale lists that I’m interested in buying turn out to be ones I’ve already bought at the pre-sale price. I try not to feel annoyed about this.

  2. Five and a half years ago, when my children were avidly playing Toca Boca games and the like, I posted a review of some, and of another game they liked by Blinq, called Miny Moe. The CEO of Toca Boca posted a friendly response to my blog review, and the author of Miny Moe at Blinq did as well.

    I still buy new Toca Boca games on occasion, because I’m the sort of person who, as an adult, even before I had kids of my own, still would read children’s books and go to children’s movies, with or without other people’s children as “cover”.


  3. Toca Boca? Touch Mouth?

  4. When the kids were in the 4-5 range, toca boca games hit a sweet spot. Not so much now. After all, just because you don’t like Barney the dinosaur doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t, or that they aren’t doing something right. Same for shirtless headless men on book covers, or looming spaceships against a background of stars, or even “The girl with/who/from” books.

    Happy New Year!

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