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No Takeover for Barnes & Noble

7 December 2017


UPDATE: PG apologizes for the autoplay, but is informed that the transition of many web videos from from plugins like Adobe Flash (that Chrome and other browsers could stop) to HTML5 has changed the game a bit.

The video is not autoplaying on PG’s Chrome browser, but he has a zillion different extensions and isn’t certain which one (or which combination of more than one) is doing the job. Searching for “disable autoplay” on Google might help out.

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6 Comments to “No Takeover for Barnes & Noble”

  1. This guy is utterly inarticulate.

  2. Killing JavaScript still works, but makes some site unusable …

    Seems in Chrome’s latest version Google removed the ‘disable autoplay’ so you have to add an extention or add-on to stop it.

  3. It didn’t autoplay in Chrome on my PC and I don’t have PG’s plethora of extensions to explain it.

    I eventually remembered that I’d gone into chrome://flags, searched for “autoplay” and changed the setting to “document user activation is required”. I strongly recommend others do the same until Chrome 64 comes out next year

  4. i feewaking HATE this autoplay; i have mac/ chrome

    I stopped it twice, it keeps starting all by itself

    it plays no matter where i am on the page

    and amanda putman screeching about ‘layaway angels’ which has NOTHING to do with this article.


  5. there is goes again, stock report again.

    PG, can you shut this down?

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