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A traditional yodeling class

1 January 2018

Perhaps because PG has been reading too many Wodehouse quotes, when an email advertising a tour of a European country arrived in his inbox, he noted the following:

From a traditional yodeling class and private tour of Sigmund Freud’s living quarters to a mask-carving workshop and look inside a defunct nuclear power plant, this carefully curated week is designed to offer . . .


PG's Thoughts (such as they are)

7 Comments to “A traditional yodeling class”

  1. The mask-carving workshop looks interesting! But the rest of it is… interesting. 😉

    I suspect I need to read more Wodehouse to understand it.

  2. Cool! So PG will be learning to yodel?

  3. Sounds like an ideal tour for anyone desperately looking for something to do.

  4. Id pay them NOT to have to take their tour

    Seriously, come to the west, a good ride in the high country under big clear blue sky with stars, cold air your breath steams, beautiful snow literally glistening, bring the horses in, then quilts a plenty, hot cocoa and toddies, a fire in the the fireplace, some good chow bubbling on the fire… We can do maskmaking if you insist. And C’boy poe-tree and song, if you like.

  5. A friend and I were visiting Vienna a few years ago. We did not know the city, but we managed to stumble into some great museums, including Freud’s former residence.

    I once took a class from Bruno Bettleheim that rushed the students through a ton of Freud’s works. Hated Bettleheim, thought Freud was terminally constipated, but loved it. Freud’s house was great too, or was it the Viennese beer? I forget.

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