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Comments Subscription – Working?

8 March 2018

For a long time, PG has been using a Comment Subscription plugin (Subscribe to Comments Reloaded) for the purpose of permitting visitors to TPV  who make a comment on a blog post to sign up for e-mail notification when others make comments to that same post.

He has received notices that some visitors are not receiving the link this plugin should provide so they can choose to receive such email notifications.

Peering into the dim innards of TPV, PG sees what appear to be people who are successfully subscribing to and receiving these notifications.

PG would appreciate it if those who have used or wish to use this comment subscription function are having problems or if the service is operating properly.

He has looked at alternatives but would like to know if this is a general or specific problem so he can make a wise decision about which way to go.

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12 Comments to “Comments Subscription – Working?”

  1. Step 1. Is the observed behavior consistent between browsers, for people (like Nate) who complain? Often a website failing is actually because of a modified browser environment. Plugins like AdBlock or NoScript play havoc with functionality. Trying another unmodified browser can provide additional data points.

  2. I’ve been getting the emails but they have not contained a working link to click on and I’ve had to log onto thepassivevoice.com and navigate to the post. Of course, if it’s gone wrong very recently the emails may have stopped without me realising it.

  3. I always get the notifications of a follow-up comment to mine. Then I jump right over here to see what else is bubbling up. It’s working fine for me and I use Firefox browser.

    I notice, though, on this comment I have no “subscribe” button showing.

    • I’m on Firefox, and I see no “subscribe” button on this post, either. I’ve seen it on some earlier posts, and not on others.

  4. For what it’s worth I’ve just received an email notifying me of Patricia’s latest comment on your John Grisham post. However, I’ve not (yet) got any notifications of Deb’s or TXRed’s comments above, but this may just be that it takes time for these things to go through.

    I also do not see a “subscribe” button but seem to be permanently subscribed so I get notification emails on any post on which I comment. The permalinks in the email are not appearing as actual links but I can copy and paste them.

    I’m using Chrome on both a Windows 10 PC and an Android tablet and it does not seem to make any difference on which device I comment.

    • Firefox on a Mac; also seem to be permanently subscribed to comments made on my comments (this is good).

      Links work – latest time I clicked on one and got to the right place was yesterday.

  5. I’ve been getting the followup emails. They seem to contain URL info but not actual links. However, they do contain the comment, so if I want more than that, I can navigate to TPV myself.

  6. I thought it works for me, but right now I am not seeing the subscribe button. Earlier today I got an email letting me know there was a comment on my post. I was able to link from the email to your site.

  7. Ashe Elton Parker

    I’m on a Win10 desktop using Edge without an adblocker and I haven’t seen a subscribe button for a while. I’ve been receiving random emails about additonal posts to articles I’ve commented on, but there’s no rhyme or reason for them being sent–I get one email for one comment on a particular post, but later return to catch up on my own and discover one or more new comments on the same post for which I received no email.

  8. I would be happy to take a look gratis, PG.

    this is what I do for a living, after all, and I want this feature to come back just as much as you do.

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