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I have not ceased

7 March 2018

I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me.

Erica Jong


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  1. Here is a similar one, that works for me:

    – I will always feel fear, but I need no longer be afraid of my fear.

    To me that is the key. People are afraid of their fear, will not admit to fear, will not face their fear, thus fear is able to sneak up on their blind side and devour them. HA!

    When you have fear, turn and face it, then say:

    – Hello, old friend.

  2. In high school, I tried out for the debating team. I was a farm boy who had to get up and milk a few cows before school and not much exposed or trained in social graces, which hasn’t improved much in the intervening years, but that is another story. But I have always been contentious and contrarian, which helps in debate.

    I made the first team and was shortly sent to a tournament in the big city, which I had been to before, but only to visit the zoo.

    We had to leave early, so early that I got out of milking, but I was nervous. Very nervous. My breakfast took a round trip that was almost shorter than a dash to the bathroom.

    I washed my face and saw myself in the mirror. My stomach had never done this before and I wondered if I could go to the tournament. Then a thought flashed into my head: I was not scared, I was excited.

    With that thought, I brushed my teeth a second time, went to the tournament, made it into the advanced rounds, which annoyed the coach because it meant staying late. We didn’t take any trophies, which annoyed the coach even more, but still, I made it.

    The thought has gotten me through product presentations, press interviews, and meetings with the board.

    You’re not scared, you’re excited.

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