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Amazon Digital Day

28 December 2018

Today is Amazon Digital Day, Amazon’s annual after-Christmas blow-out sale on tech merchandise.

  • Amazon has discounted ebooks that normally cost way more than $4.99 to $4.99. Big Publishing ebook pricing practices notwithstanding, there are some good books listed.
  • The latest Echo Dot is on sale for $29.99, $20 less than usual (see below). Once you get a couple of these puppies around the house, Alexa will help you keep your life straight plus act as a pretty good first-cut fact checker while you’re writing.
  • The 8-inch Fire HD Tablet is on sale for a $30.00 discount – $49.95
  • If you want Amazon’s largest tablet, the Fire HD 10 is discounted $50 and selling for $99.99
  • Romance Audiobooks – Audible is offering a special deal on its Unlimited Romance service – Your first month is free. The following three months are discounted to $9.95/month. The usual cost is $14.95 per month.

PG is an Amazon Associate and earns a small commission from the Zon when you click through from the links on TPV. It’s a nice little bonus each month, but, for those who are suspicious about PG’s motives, the amount Amazon pays him is not nearly enough to buy his loyalty or anything similar.

For the rest of the Digital Day Deals, Click Here.




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  1. Thanks, PG. Went directly from here to Amazon, and bought a Fire tablet to replace my dead Kindle.

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