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Amazon is the ‘most reputable’ company in the US

30 March 2016

From Business Insider:

Amazon is considered the most reputable company doing business in the US today, according to a new report by The Reputation Institute.

The organization gathered 83,000 ratings in the first quarter from people in the US, and looked at areas such as products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership and performance.

. . . .

Out of the Top 10 most reputable companies, seven are from the US.

As for Amazon, its reputation wasn’t much hurt by a scathing story published by the New York Times last summer that portrayed Amazon as a “brutal” company to work for.  Nor was it hurt much bynegative stories of life as an Amazon warehouse worker.

Overriding those kinds of stories is the fact that Amazon has reinvented the shopping experience for the typical American, it offers an interesting online streaming alternative to Netflix (who also rated in the Top 10), has some decent tablets/e-readers at a great price, and is ajuggernaut in the up-and-coming cloud computing market.

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11 Comments to “Amazon is the ‘most reputable’ company in the US”

  1. Speaking from a purely personal perspective, the list of companies that I consumer-love consists of Amazon and nothing else.

    • The only other company I’m just as likely to spend money on is Disney – movies, merchandise, and vacations etc.

    • I’m with you, Dan. I didn’t even know it was possible to consumer-love a company (great phrase, btw) before Amazon came along. I’d never done it before. 😀

      • Lands’ End. L L Bean. USAA. Amway (parent company enforced 100% satisfaction guarantee). Craftsman tools (there is another tool company with great products and a lifetime guarantee but I cannot recall the name). Half Price Books. Et alia.

        Amazon is not the only company with outstanding costumer service. Amazon gets noticed because its spectrum is broader.

        In my experience, the less I needed a company, the better that company’s customer service. The more I needed a company — phone service — the poorer its customer service. Services I was required to use — DMV — were atrocious in customer service.

    • It’s Amazon and Newegg for me. I used to try and tell Best Buy to be more like Newegg whenever I did their customer surveys. Before Amazon and Newegg, I only had consumer-loved for bookstores when I finally encountered them. Then I discovered Amazon, and I found out that what I had with bookstores was just puppy love 😛

    • As a customer, I’m happy with Amazon. Even when there are issues, they work to fix it and make things right. Too many other companies are willing to blame the customer (instead of taking responsibility) and not even offer to make things right.

      I ordered 2 kids kindles. One of them came with a burned out pixel. Amazon replaced it. But the post office delivered it to the wrong house. Amazon sent me another one. They didn’t accuse me of stealing or anything. After I received the second package they sent, a neighbor dropped off the misplaced package.

      Amazon spent a whole lotta money sending those packages (same day/next day) and for the return shipments of 2 devices.

      Kudos to Amazon. BOO to the post office. (I hope Amazon made the post office pay for the packages!!)

    • My number one shopping place. I trust them. I’m an Amazonphile.

  2. “One interesting thing it found: Americans view US companies as being more reputable than international companies.

    Out of the Top 10 most reputable companies, seven are from the US.”

    Don’t know why they are surprised since their survey factors in things like..

    “…workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership…”

    …which are cultural in nature.
    Add in the ongoing Volkswagen disaster and the steady reports of corporate scandals from China and foreign operators are obviously going to suffer, imagewise. All get splattered when mud flies.

    Most of the names on the list are strong brands with at least one popular product line but it really is amusing to see Samsung at number three with Apple nowhere in sight, given their ongoing courtroom drama that *Apple* has been winning.

    I wonder if too many courtroom dramas are weighing down their reputation among the non-faithful.

  3. Amazon is a great company to buy from, but it’s far better if you live in the US. We tried the Canadian version of prime membership, but it basically gives you free four or five day shipping (we live in an urban center with one and a quarter million citizens and two hundred miles from the US border).
    No access to the video service.
    No Man in the High Castle for us 🙁

  4. I don’t think anyone was persuaded by a hit piece from the New York times, that ended up being mostly fabricated. The story went out pretty fast that they reported half the story, things out of context, and flat out lies. But New York is the heart of Old Publishing, and the writers at the Times must loathe Amazon.

  5. Amazon seems to be Big Pub’s version of Donald Trump

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