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Another Use for Twitter – Stealing Ebooks

20 April 2011

Author David Hewson had a shock when he checked his latest mentions on Twitter.


Like many people in the media I keep track of mentions of my work through a fixed Twitter search pane, in my case through Hootsuite. For the last couple of years this has usually brought up a list of reviews, reader comments and other useful material. When I turn on the Mac this morning I find . . . . All top seventeen search results on my name (more actually but my screen couldn’t accommodate them) are links to ripped off ebooks of my work.

I’ve written about my belief that a significant number of pirates don’t represent lost sales because they never would have paid the price for your book even in the absence of the pirated version. The lower the price you charge, the less likely you’re losing sales.

However, I understand every author’s outrage about people stealing his/her work. One possible response is to report the fraudulent website to The Internet Crime Complaint Center, set up by the FBI and something called the National White Collar Crime Center. There are some forms to fill out and I’m sure this won’t stop the Russian Mafia, but it’s a step.

Link to the rest of David Hewson’s story at davidhewson.com (sorry, link appears to be broken)