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Barnes & Noble Lawsuit Complaint

28 August 2018

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10 Comments to “Barnes & Noble Lawsuit Complaint”

  1. Very emotional press release.
    Very different from typical lawyer-approved lawsuit responses.
    Getting personal like this is rather… unprofessional? Soapish? Trumpish?

  2. What is Parneros trying to imply in paragrpah #20, “fix them”?

    Is that a “repair them so that they can work better” statement or a “set them up to fail and leave” statement?

  3. Smart Debut Author
  4. Smart Debut Author

    Parneros aside, the picture of B&N’s corporate culture that emerges from reading the lawsuit’s claims and counter-claims is truly ugly, and clearly illustrates the reasons for the company’s ongoing death spiral.

    • Yeah, my bingo card is filling up. Insult men as having no balls and insuffient aggression, check. Insult women as fat, unattractive, and lacking fashion sense, check. Insult The Token Gay Guy by asking him if he calls his male partner his “wife”, check. Handle a sexual harrassment complaint informally without involving HR, check.

      I’m assuming B&N has no Black, Asian, Native American, or Hispanic executives, because I still have some spots open on my card that Riggio hasn’t hit yet.

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