I never threw

21 May 2018

I never threw an illegal pitch. The trouble is, once in a while I toss one that ain’t never been seen by this generation.

Satchel Paige


20 May 2018

Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.

Satchel Paige

We are not interested

19 May 2018

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.

Queen Victoria

England expects

18 May 2018

England expects that every man will do his duty.

Horatio Nelson

I have yet my legs and one arm

17 May 2018

Let me alone: I have yet my legs and one arm. Tell the surgeon to make haste and his instruments. I know I must lose my right arm, so the sooner it’s off the better.

Horatio Nelson

No captain

16 May 2018

No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.

Horatio Nelson


14 May 2018

Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon.

Horatio Nelson

The only two things

13 May 2018

The only two things you can truly depend upon are gravity and greed.

Jack Palance

Sometimes reality

12 May 2018

Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.

Jean Luc Godard

No matter how wonderful the story

12 May 2018

No matter how wonderful the story, it has to move on something, and that is language. The words that I use, the pace, the rhythm and cadences all need to be there. If they’re not there, the story is like a boat that just sits there and doesn’t move on the ocean.

Tim O’Brien

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