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Dear iPhone, Happy 10th Birthday! Love, Digital Marketing

29 June 2017

From Udacity:

Social Media and Content Marketing, and all the other components of modern Digital Marketing strategy, have grown up a great deal since the days of Friendster and LinkedIn (launched in 2002), MySpace (2003), and Flickr (2004). Facebook of course launched in 2004 as well, but suffice to say that was a very different Facebook back then.

Yes, the early aughts were a different world when it came to Digital Marketing.

Things start to percolate a bit in the latter part of the decade. Facebook launched the News Feed in 2006, the same year that Google acquired YouTube; the same year that Twitter launched. Then in 2007, we got Tumblr.

But it wasn’t until we left that first decade of the millennium behind that things really started to heat up. Suddenly, all in a row, we got Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora (2010), Snapchat and Google+ (2011), and new video streaming options like Twitch.tv and Vine (2011 and 2013, respectively).

What changed?

Cue the iPhone timeline.

. . . .

Ten years ago today, the first iPhone was released. No 3rd party apps, no video. Still, amazing. The launch of the App Store came the following year, and the seeds of a revolution were sown; a revolution that would reach its first full flower with the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010. Is it any coincidence that 2010 was the same year that Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora all launched?

. . . .

Those were Wild West days for Digital Marketing. Something new was launching every minute, and more and more products and platforms were talking to one another. As an “embedded” digital journalist, you could go to an event with an iPhone, and cover all the bases. Shoot video, record audio, take pictures, type out a macro- and micro-blog post, and share it all on social via TweetDeck which, back then, was really, really cool. It was heady times!

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  1. I get the sense that the author of this article consumes far more caffeine that is probably good for him. I’d also have liked to have read his opinion as to why some platforms fail (Vine, Friendster and for all practical purposes MySpace), others struggle (Google+), etc. I’m not even sure you can term Twitter a success at this point; if there’s a path to profitability there I’ve never heard about it.

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