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Decedent took his original copy

29 April 2016

[I]n 2001 decedent took his original copy of the 1997 will, urinated on it and then burned it. We hesitate to speculate how he accomplished the second act after the first. In any event, decedent’s actions lead to the compelling conclusion he intended to revoke the 1997 will.

Estate of Stoker, 193 Cal. App. 4th 236 (Cal. 2011)


2 Comments to “Decedent took his original copy”

  1. “We hesitate to speculate how he accomplished the second act after the first.”

    Well, ya see he’d been drinkin’ the strong stuff a bits and he was often able to use his ‘output’ as emergency gas when his car ran out … (he was just lucky he didn’t go up in flames too!)

  2. We need more wills with this sort of characterization. hahahahah

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