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Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author Update

30 September 2014

From Dear Author:

Today there was a temporary injunction hearing.  During the hearing the judge did not grant the injunction, but did request that we come back for a more thorough hearing, where we would be able to provide evidence  in our defense.

Truth is an absolute defense to defamation.

Therefore, If you are willing, I need help with the following:

Individual authors, editors, cover artists willing to testify, either in person, via telephone or in an affidavit to payments made/not made.

It would be best if you could testify in person, but a sworn written statement will be adequate.

Additionally, if you have any Screenshots of any public statements regarding Ellora’s Cave, those would be helpful too.

You can reach me at jane@dearauthor.com.

Link to the rest at Dear Author and thanks to SFR for the tip.



23 Comments to “Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author Update”

  1. Good luck, Jane! We’re all rooting for you and know you’ll come out on top.

  2. This is going to be a bloodbath. I love it.

  3. Welcome to the world of crowdsourced litigation.

    This will be fun to watch unfold.

  4. Does the judge like screenshots of people giving the finger? This one of Ellora’s Cave owner Jaid Black/Tina Engler (http://dsmoen.livejournal.com/564990.html, scroll down to the bottom) paints her as classy with a capital a-s-s. Who would ever do business with this woman?

  5. crowdsourced litigation

    Love it.

    Industry disruption…was going on…all around…me.

    With a hat tip to Nick Danger.


  6. I just threw Jane the link to the search results here. Seems like as good a place to start as any.

  7. I hope Jane wipes the floor with them.

  8. Get some, Jane. Get some.

    And keep everyone here at PG updated.

  9. *sigh*

    Just saw a friend’s post on facebook that the US needs a “loser pays” rule for civil suits. Jane is going to end up forking out a lot of money just to make this nonsense go away. I’d feel a lot better if it was EC’s (nonexistent) money instead.

    • Yes, it’s galling that there is, I gather, very little realistic possibility of Jane Litte recovering her legal costs for defending this nuisancesuit.

      • True, but look at all the publicity she’s getting. And she’s the hero here. She’ll come out ahead, with increases in website traffic, followers, etc.

  10. I feel for jane. It’s not spectator sport when someone sincere has to go to the mat to pay for a legal battle because someone tries to sue. It’s costly. Words support can only go so far. It is deadly costly to defend oneself, so that even if you win, you could lose. I hope this is resolved quickly and as cleanly as possible with least possible cost to jane, emotionally and financially. Hang in there jane.

  11. I wonder, can you kickstart a legal fund? Just asking.

  12. Defense fund is now on go fund me, administered by smart bitches Sarah

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