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It Is No Coincidence

27 August 2011

It is no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase ‘As pretty as an Airport’ appear.

Douglas Adams

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4 Comments to “It Is No Coincidence”

  1. LOL! I would have to agree with one exception – the airport in Bozeman, MT. Nice place!

  2. Bull. I’ve seen some beautiful airports. PDX in Portland, Oregon is quite enjoyable. I had a connection at the airport in Brussels that was so pleasant, I wished I could have spent another couple of hours there. And the old, no longer used Templehof airport in Berlin was magnificent; that’s why Spielberg used it as location in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. I was fortunate enough to land there once and still treasure the memory. As is usually the case, Adams doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • If you liked Brussels (which has a neat late 1950s terminal building) try Amsterdam Schipol airport. It’s the most pleasant airport in Europe IMO.

      I agree that Berlin Tempelhof is a marvelous building. Too bad it’s no longer in use.

    • I read they’re planning to turn Tempelhof into a huge park.

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