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It’s a plane!

30 December 2012

A test to see if WordPress is still eating videos.

UPDATE: Why yes, it is.

YouTube videos work just fine, but videos from other sources sometimes have problems.

When I’m composing the post, I drop the video embed code in, preview the post, which looks fine, schedule the post for later publication and preview it again. It looks great.

Then, somewhere between that time and the publishing of the post, the embed code disappears.

Here’s a second try with the post immediately published instead of scheduled for publication.



5 Comments to “It’s a plane!”

  1. One trick to posting videos is to click publish while still looking at the source code. This will rescue some of the eaten videos. Vimeo videos, for example, will vanish if you switch away from the source code.

  2. It’s a bird!

  3. “A test to see if WordPress is still eating videos.”


    I do miss the 4 minute capability to edit posts.

    You know the ones written in passion and heat, regretted in the cold and ice of peer administered retributive violence.


  4. Sorry wordpress is giving you problems.

    This is the best kite ever. It not only flys around in the sky, it tells a STORY. It’s like living art in action.

    • Also, you could use it to rescue and protect you. Like say a seagull attacks. Superman kite would swoop down and take care of that little problem for you.

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