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Pennyroyal Academy

31 December 2014

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  1. Beautifully done trailer. But I have to ask, do trailers make you want to buy a book? They rarely do for me. In this instance, I want to see a cartoon about Pennyroyal Academy.

    I can’t imagine this was cheap to produce. I hope the author/publisher sees a return on their investment.

    • I tend to have the same reaction you do. Every time I see a book trailer, I think I’m looking at a movie/TV/cartoon trailer. Then I want to see the story in that format. And I tend to be strict about the actors resembling the characters.

      There are book ads that I think wouldn’t inspire that reaction, but they’re more gif-like: shots of the cover images, a tagline, the cover title. As a reader those are more effective, and I suspect they are vastly less expensive to produce.

    • Same here. Apparently the man who wrote this book also helped write My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which is why I bought it for my girls. My oldest has read the book and says it was okay (not great like her Wings of Fire and Spirit Animal series that she loves).

  2. Book trailers tend to fall into the “Dancing about architecture” category for me.

    Was this created by/for an indie?

  3. It was charming. I assume it’s set where people have British accents?

    I know nothing about the book/series, but what gave me pause was the pairing of princesses and knights. Hardly the same thing at all. One sits on her pretty throne and waits for a suitable prince, while the other commits deeds of bravery and daring. Why can’t the girls be knights too?

    • I’m not familiar with this series, but I was thinking the princesses are the new kind, who do stuff and have adventures — Princess Leia vs. Sleeping Beauty.

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