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Six Reasons You Should Stick With Legacy Publishing

9 June 2011

Author Allan Douglas reminds all of us that we’re supposed to suffer for our art. If you’re not suffering, what sort of writer are you, really?

If you harbor secret fears that you’re too happy to be great, Allan advises you to turn to Big Publishing. They know how to make you suffer.


Rejection is so rewarding.  You enjoy spending a year or more querying agents and wallpapering your office with the politely worded notices that you aren’t quite right for them at this time, serving as an everlasting memorial to your inadequacy.

. . . .

You enjoy the challenge of rewriting your book to conform to the socio-political stance of the publishing house that has seen promise in your work.


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5 Comments to “Six Reasons You Should Stick With Legacy Publishing”

  1. Those reasons are hysterical. That post made my day.

  2. Great post. Made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great! I’ve suffered enough. I should be a great writer by now!

  4. Thanks for link, PG! I needed a good laugh tonight.

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