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Smashwords preparing to launch epub option

30 December 2012

From Smashwords:

Smashwords Direct alpha testing underway.  We’re preparing to launch Smashwords Direct, our direct .epub upload option.  One year ago in my 2011 annual year-in-review over at the Smashwords Blog, we made a commitment to launch SWD in the second half of 2012.  We’re working to fulfill that commitment.  We’re nearing completion of a beta version of SWD.  The first iteration will enable those of you with professionally designed .epub files to replace your current Smashwords-generated .epub with another .epub.  It’ll also allow authors to upload .epub files instead of Word .doc files.

Link to the rest at Smashwords and thanks to Mary for the tip.


9 Comments to “Smashwords preparing to launch epub option”

  1. I was so excited to hear this the other day. They did say they’d be introducing it by the end of the year! It’s nice to see a company that puts its users first.

  2. Now all they need to do is make it so you can upload a Kindle formatted ebook already, too, and I’d be so happy. No more annoying meatgrinder! 😀

    • I’m guessing that Smashwords will take your epub file and run it through Kindlegen to get both old mobi and new KF8 files. Of course that may not work for fixed-layout books, but not too many novels or short stories need fixed-layout (I think).

  3. I sent this to PG too… shows just how exciting a development this is for some folks.

    This gives me an opportunity to totally transform my workflow. The only think I’ll ever need to use Word for is the one thing it does fabulously well — search and replace macros. (Which allows me to quickly change my personal markup to XML or IDML. I can have one doc to rule them all!)

    AND, I can now do my writing entirely in a plain text editor!!

    • Sorry for not mentioning you, Camille, but several people kindly tipped me on this information. I generally write a post and mention a name after reading the first email I receive.

  4. Nice! I really do prefer uploading epubs directly rather than allowing the conversions on pubit and kobo. I find they upload faster (of course) with fewer errors. More control in my hands is always a good thing.

  5. It will be so nice to be able to upload epubs. I’ve been lucky (and relieved) to have had no problems either with the Meatgrinder or the premium catalog in either of the two books I’ve uploaded to Smashwords, but creating the Smashwords version is definitely the longest and most time-consuming step for ebook creation–Scrivener pretty much does everything else for me. And fewer steps means less for me to screw up!

  6. Huzzah!

    It seems this would have saved Smashwords a lot of customer service grief long ago. Maybe they were trying to encourage people to use them for distribution instead of converting to epub themselves? Regardless, I think this is only going to increase their traffic.

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