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12 Signs you are (Probably) a Born Writer

30 December 2016

From The Writing Cooperative:

1. You haunt libraries. You have always haunted libraries and walked, rapt, around bookshops (sometimes secretly smelling the pages of a book you’ve freshly opened, when you think no ones looking).

2. Your favourite people are often fictional characters. Their stories sometimes haunt you — and often you can’t sleep at night due to your feelings about those characters dilemma’s. They might even be your own fictional characters.xx
. . . .

8. Your characters often come alive and start doing their own thing. When you next sit down to write, you are catching up with what they have been up to, rather than making them do things.

Link to the rest at The Writing Cooperative

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9 Comments to “12 Signs you are (Probably) a Born Writer”

  1. “(sometimes secretly smelling the pages of a book you’ve freshly opened, when you think no ones looking)

    Ah, no.

    But internet searches for interesting stories were fun.

    • You can get even more of that smell next to the copy machine. The addicts sniff the toner straight.

      • Heh, was fixing old tube TVs/radios as a teen and I voided the 90 warranty on my TRS-80 Model I, give me the smell of hot circuits and lead based solder (which might help explain my current state of mind. 😛 )

  2. This list made me giggle. A little too close to home there!

  3. I had to laugh at that list. So much truth there, but also some things that have changed. Since the bed-bug scares, I don’t hang out at libraries much and I never sit down in a book store at all.

    Instead of sniffing a new book, I grin at the new books on my carousel and sweep it right and left to see all the pretty covers.

  4. 13. You care enough about the craft of writing to get apostrophes right.

  5. There’s something missing and I don’t quite know how to put it… but it’s a predictor or a “predicator” of someone who will complete projects…

    …and then obsess about polishing them.

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