5 Tips For Promoting Your Book This Christmas

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From Self-Publishing Review:

1. It’s not such a great time to launch on Amazon

Unless you are selling incredibly well, it’s doubtful that over the Christmas period, say from around December 10th through January 5th, you will garner many sales or reviews on Amazon. If you are looking to launch a new title, you may do better to wait for the holidays to be over. This is because at Christmas time, Amazon users are looking to buy gifts that are already wished for, such as perfume and games, and Amazon will be pushing Best Selling books from traditional authors, i.e. authors you can’t really compete with as an independent author, and you could see a very flat release if you attempt it.

2. Editorial Reviews – A Good Time To Buy

Instead of falling on your face with Amazon, you may do better to build up your professional reviews and giveaways during the break. Many services, such as ours, are open all year round, and have reviewers available to review your book despite the holidays. These reviews are great for your author profiles on Amazon and Goodreads, and you will start the new year with a bang.

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