60 Library Systems are on Pace to Hit One Million Digital Checkouts in 2017

From Overdrive Blogs:

Last year, a record 49 different OverDrive digital library collections hit one million checkouts and we’re excited to announce that it looks like, once again, a new benchmark will be set. Records are meant to be broken, after all. In 2015, the number of library systems hitting one million checkouts was 33 and two years later we’re within range of doubling that amount. When we reached the end of June, 60 digital collections had surpassed 500,000+ circulations and another ten are just off that pace. In fact, 15 of them have already passed the one million checkout threshold.

The Million Checkout milestone is both a great achievement and a marketing tool for our library partners. Many libraries boost their marketing efforts during the holidays to promote the service and reach that goal. Neighboring libraries have even created friendly competitions to see who can circulate the most eBooks, audiobooks and other digital content. These events often spark inspiration for other libraries to say, “Next year that will be us!” While we love this gumption to plan for next year, there’s still time to reach new heights in 2017.

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1 thought on “60 Library Systems are on Pace to Hit One Million Digital Checkouts in 2017”

  1. My county library system started providing downloadable ebooks and audiobooks several years ago. Unfortunately they’re tied to a Microsoft Windows application, and I don’t run Windows. And even if I did, from what I can gather from their horrible Flash-infected web site, I would only be able to play the DRM’d files on the machine I downloaded the files with. Reading the ebooks on my ancient tablet or listening to the audiobooks on my Sansa Clip appears to be a violation of licensing terms, even if I found a Windows machine somewhere to infect with their software and somehow broke the DRM to actually use the files on my hardware.

    There are good reasons why I haven’t used the library in many years…

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