2 thoughts on “A Broken Clavicle”

  1. Fortunately, it is one of those things medicine knows a great deal about, and is competent at fixing: just follow instructions, and hope they apply to you.

    They’ll even tell you how long you have to be careful, which is a rarity for many medical things.

    I live in a retirement community with a lot of older adults – and see fellow residents with new casts, slings, walkers, knee-scooters… all the time. Some of the injuries are VERY inconvenient – one of my writers friends broke both wrists – but also most yield to patience and ‘doing what the doctor says’.

    Try not to re-injure. Especially not by doing something you shouldn’t have (lifting those weights) and you’ll be back to normal soon. And don’t type if it hurts! We’ll survive.

    Meanwhile, let me know if you need something to read.

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