2 thoughts on “A computer would deserve to be called intelligent”

  1. We passed that point quite a while ago – so long as the conversation is constrained – thanks to massive storage and processing power that Professor von Neumann could not even imagine.

    Pitted against a reasonably intelligent human, who has been tasked with telling the difference, we aren’t quite there yet.

    I would note that when video production becomes fast enough (not all that far away), and a human is pitted against a computer on a Zoom call, it will be far more difficult. A great deal of our “humanity detection” is visual rather than auditory.

    (When that does happen, however, it will be flat impossible to tell whether there is any human involved in a typical interview between a “journalist” and a politician or celebrity. So long as the programmers don’t go overboard and make one of the participants too intelligent.)

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