A Couple of Potentially Helpful Sites/Services

This content has been archived. It may no longer be accurate or relevant.

PG went looking for a couple of new tools for keeping track of various and sundry things he needs to do.

  1. Finding a simple way of keeping track of small to-do lists, shopping lists, etc., and
  2. Finding a system to monitor progress on more complex multi-step projects that may include coordinating with others.

He had been using a combination of calendar reminders and Evernote for these tasks previously and was (and is) not averse to continuing to use these tools if he can’t find better ones for his jobs.

So far, he has identified two candidates, one for each of the two jobs, but would be interested in experiences, opinions, etc., of the those in the TPV universe about these topics in general and alternate ways for PG to skin this Cat address these challenges.

  1. For various lists and small reminders, PG has been impressed by Any.do. One nice feature is that Any.do integrates well with Amazon’s Alexa, so PG can issue verbal directives to add items to shopping and to-do lists.
  2. For keeping track of more complex projects, PG has heard nice things about Trello for some time. So far, Trello allows for more multidimensional tasks/planning that Any.do seems to support. While PG currently isn’t involved in a lot of team projects, Trello seems to support those nicely as well.

Any thoughts, suggestions, disagreements, etc., are welcome.