A Different Christmas Posting Regime

Since the publishing business typically slows way, way down over the Christmas and calendar-related holidays, PG has posted excerpts from various works of literature in the past to provide proof-of-life for TPV for those who visit during this period of time.

This year, PG is going to change things up a bit by posting some holiday-related videos (all G-Rated, none created by PG or anyone related to him) that visitors to TPV may enjoy.

Feel free to give PG like/dislike feedback as you feel appropriate. There will be another holiday season next year and PG is not locked into any particular format for future posts during such times.

PG wishes one and all a joyous and peaceful Christmas/Holiday season.

4 thoughts on “A Different Christmas Posting Regime”

  1. I really enjoyed this! I’m basically sentimental and sloppy with my emotions this time of year, so this was perfect.

  2. A Merry and Joyous Christmas to you, PG and family. Also to all of your many visitors.

    Perfectly fine with me to change it up this year, videos instead of snippets. I always enjoy the Pentatonix one.

    However… would you consider adding a Lindsey Stirling one? I particularly like this one: https://youtu.be/ozVmO5LHJ2k – “O Come, Emmanuel” performed with Kuha’o Case.

  3. Happy holidays to you and yours, PG. Thanks for another year of giving us a fun place to come and read interesting tidbits and discuss. And the music videos were great, Bocelli sent goosebumps down my arms with his voice.

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