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A Good Friend

16 June 2019

A good friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body.

~ Steven J. Daniels


9 Comments to “A Good Friend”

  1. And provide an alibi.

    • See, that’s always been my problem with the “move the body” deal: if the friend is helping to do that, the friend can’t provide the alibi. The friend has to be someplace else, and have proof, and then say that you were there, too. But if the friend is helping you move the body, then the friend needs an alibi, too.

      Idunno, it sounds as if at least two friends are needed for this scenario, one for the body, and one for the alibi. But then that brings up the whole, “three can keep a secret if two are dead” deal. Since the third friend is not technically implicated, and doesn’t need to keep the first two friends’ secrets.

      I may be overthinking this …

  2. Felix J. Torres

    Where’s Harry.

    • Felix J. Torres

      That should be THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY.

      • Your dumbing down your original comment. Isn’t it better to leave the film buffs feeling pleased with themselves and anyone else who cares googling (probably without success)?

        • Felix J. Torres

          I wouldn’t want anybody feeling bad over a mistake of mine.
          Wouldn’t want anybody feeling smug over a mistake, either.

          • I hadn’t realised it was a mistake. I just thought you were being obscurely clever about the subject of the post and Hitchcock.

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