8 thoughts on “A man and woman sitting in a New York City diner late at night”

    • F. – Here’s my prompt:

      a late-night scene viewed through a window, showing a man and a woman as the only customers sitting inside an old New York diner, which creates an island of yellowish light in a dark city neighborhood.

      • So the software picked the 50’s clothes and hair styles from “old new york diner” on its own. Impressive. Would’ve been more impresive if the car were period appropriate. Or at least a juiced up DeLorean. 😉

        Would be interesting what it might come up with if prompted for a classic painter style, say, “image in the style of Peter Paul Rubens of a young woman sunbathing on a tropical island.” Or something equally incongrous.

    • That threw me a little as well. Nighthawks is also asymmetrical, which fits the mood – a little uncomfortable, a little off-kilter. The AI looks too perfect, although it would work well (with some tweaking) for a period romance cover.

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